Join us with your loved ones on November 22nd for our Thanksgiving celebration! Our four course prix fixe menu includes traditional holiday favorites with ingredients from regional farms. Our menu is available here and we are currently accepting reservations. We look forward to celebrating with you.  We hope you have a happy and healthy holiday season! 

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135 North 5th Street; Brooklyn, NY 11211

Tue-Fri 11 am - 4 pm

Monday Closed
Tue-Sat 6 pm - 11 pm
Sun 6 pm - 10 pm

Sat-Sun 11 am - 4 pm

Monday Closed
Tuesday-Sunday at 4pm

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Delaware and Hudson is a 38-seat restaurant and a 35-seat tavern in Williamsburg, Brooklyn serving regional American food from the Mid-Atlantic states (from Baltimore to Buffalo). We feature farm-fresh carefully produced local and seasonal ingredients to craft good, wholesome food.

Delaware and Hudson is named after an early American canal system, gravity railroad, coal line, and passenger trains. All of the various companies served the North-East region in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Chef Patti Jackson's great grandfather worked for the Delaware and Hudson Railway.

We can be contacted via email at info@delawareandhudson.com and on the phone at (718) 218-8191.

Patti Jackson

Patti Jackson is a proud native of Northeastern Pennsylvania, where she grew up in a typical American small town. Originally interested in biology and chemistry, she fell in love with the restaurant business as a teenager, and has pursued all aspects of service and food craft ever since.

She is a chef with over 30 years experience, based in New York City. Trained as a pastry chef at the Baltimore International Culinary Arts Institute, she worked as a pastry chef in wholesale, retail and restaurants in Washington D.C. and then New York for 18 years—working for such industry leaders as Sutton Place Gourmet and the Pino Luongo organization before taking over the restaurant Le Madri as an Executive Chef in 2003. Subsequently she was the Executive Chef of the restaurants i Trulli and Centovini before opening her restaurant in Williamsburg


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Source & Friends

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Our menu changes weekly and reflects the current availability of products from the farmer's market and our other purveyors. See where your food comes from.


Major Suppliers

Mountain Sweet Berry Farm
Rick Bishop, Kelly Quarton Roscoe, NY

Rick is a stalwart friend of Chef Jackson. He studied agronomy and farming from a young age and attended Cornell to study soil science. He helped to develop the Tristar strawberry. He is known as a grower of Tristar strawberries, heirloom potatoes, specialty herbs and greens. He is well-known for working with chefs, a renowned Catskill forager and the largest supplier of ramps to the Greenmarket. He also forages fiddleheads and wild blueberries.

Paffenroth Gardens
Alex and Linda Paffenroth, Dee Anne Paffenroth Warwick, NY

Alex is a fifth-generation German-American onion farmer. His farm is in the black-dirt region of New York State. His farm was nearly destroyed by a hail storm some years ago. His major crop at the time, onions, take a long time to grow and are particularly susceptible to hail. Other root crops like carrots and radishes grow quickly and well in the black dirt. He diversified into other root crops; his neighbors told him he could sell them in New York City. Alex found that he loved farming different vegetables, and his business took off. He currently plants several hundred different varieties each year. Alex’s stand is a fixture at the Union Square Farmer’s Market.

Eckerton Hill Farms
Tim Stark Lenhartsville, PA

Tim worked as a technocrat for the City of New York and rediscovered his love of farming by growing tomatoes on his rooftop in Brooklyn. He returned to where he grew up in Pennsylvania and started farming. He is famous for his heirloom tomatoes, heirloom peppers, and heirloom cucumbers. Tim’s wrote about his experiences in his book, Heirloom: Notes from an Accidental Tomato Farmer

Cherry Lane Farms
Sue Dare, Lew Dare Bridgeton, NJ

Lew is the third generation of farmers to have grown for the Union Square Greenmarket from their Southern New Jersey farm. They are famous for their asparagus, and in the summer, great squash, eggplants, okra, and melons. They also grow beautiful low-acid New Jersey tomatoes.


Bodhitree Farm
Nevia No Jobstown, NJ

Nevia grows beautiful bespoke vegetables.

Gorzynski Ornery Farm
John and Sue Gorzynski Cochecton Center, NY

Organic pioneer. “Beyond organic.”

Lani’s farm
Bordentown, NJ

One of the most gifted farmers in the market

Locust Grove Fruit Farm
Big James & Helen, Chip & James Jr. Milton, NY

Beautiful old, heirloom orchard stock

Migliorelli Farms
Tivoli, NY

Philips Farms
Milford, NJ

Beautiful berries

S & SO Produce Farms
Goshen, NY

Black dirt farmers

Samascott Orchards
Kinderhook, NY

Stokes Farm
Ron Binaghi, Jr. Old Tappan, NJ

Greenmarket pioneers. Thoughtful and modern farmers.

Windfall Farms
Morse Pitts Montgomery, NY

Greenmarket pioneer. Introduced microgreens, edible flowers to NYC markets.


Ardith Mae Farmstead Goat Cheese
Shereen and Todd Wilcox Stuyvesant, NY

A tiny artisanal cheese producer, originally in Pennsylvania.

Lynn Fleming Pine Bush, NY

Lynn breeds Nubian show goats, and as a sideline sells dairy and meat.

Tonjes Farm Dairy
Mary and Tim Tonjes Callicoon, NY

They have the best buttermilk and farmer’s cheese in the Union Square Greenmarket

Meat and Fish

Arcadian Pastures
Debra and Laurent Danthine Sloansville, NY

USDA abattoir on property. Raises rabbits, sheep, pigs, poultry, other small animals.

Pierless Fish
Robert DeMasco Brooklyn, NY

Pierless is consistently the best supplier of fish in New York

Pat LaFrieda
Pat LaFrieda, Mark LaFrieda New Jersey

They started out in the meatpacking district and were one of the last to leave.
Famous for their meat blends and service.

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